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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 15, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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coons. the president speaks live in 30 minutes. "don't ask, don't tell," and president obama defends administration efforts to keep the policy against gays serving in the military at least for now. >> this is not a question of whether the policy is going to end. this policy will end and end on my watch, but i have an obligation to make sure i am following the rules. i cannot simply ignore laws out there. >> think pink. the white house joins the campaign to raise breast cancer awareness. here with her new book, and ambassador nancy brinker, founder, and ceo of susan g. kom komen, cure for cancer. and also queen silvia of sweden here with a rare appearance. good day, i'm andrea mitchell, live in washington.
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it is crunch time for congressional candidates across the country. they have only 18 days left to make the case to voters. right now it appears that the democrats may be closing the gap somewhat with the republican opponents and the new poll has the two parties separated by three points as opposed the eight points in june. kelly o'donnell has been out on the campaign trail, and at last, you are back home with us. >> briefly. >> briefly, i know. back out again, but this has been somewhat of a change, and democrats are feeling a little bit more hopeful that it won't be a tsunami, but they are privately to me and to you expressing a wave. >> well, it is one of the bubbles in an election cycle where the voters are beginning to say, well, maybe we don't want to catch up with the wave and take another look and advertising effective, and arguments effective, so it is natural that it would close, but what i am certainly hearing talking to the voters out and about, there is really a lot of resistance to democrats. >> let's look at nevada, the big fight last night, and hard to watch somewhat.
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this is not a race that is view viewer-friendly, because sharron angle and harry reid, rough on the edges. >> well, many would say that harry reid, public speaking is not his strong suit, and the two candidates appeared in a studio without any audience. almost always we have a debate with a live audience to give it energy, but there was an eerie calm about it, and they were both awkward at times. it was interesting that reid was trying to speak about the things that he has accomplished, but she was trying to really just go after him very personally again and again. >> let's take a look. >> all of these things i have talked about today, my opponent is against those. she wouldn't do that. my job is to create jobs. what she is talking about is extreme. >> harry reid, it is not your job to create jobs. it is your job to create
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policies that create the confidence for the private sector to create those jobs. >> so, jobs, the economy and this is a huge issue in nevada with high unemployment, high foreclosures, and you have got the immigrant issue there as well and a big hispanic community and a big union presence around vegas. >> yes, a national race, but if you are living in nevada, jobs are just the overwhelming issue, and unemployment at 15%. just a massive number of homes under water, and they talked about the issues and the things that resonated home. it became a discussion of class in some ways, because sharron angle who was a teacher for 25 years and lives in reno says she lives in a middle-class neighborhood and poked at harry reid for the elite status saying he lives in the ritz-carlton in d.c., and that is the zinger that can resonate now. >> and speaking of joe miller, the tea party-backed candidate in alaska and sarah palin backed
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over lisa murkowski whom he defeated trying to nail murkowski and prevent her write-in campaign from taking off with sort of a throw-back to an old-fashioned ad. this is mad man come to politics. let's watch. >> hello, voters. look at the ballot. now, look at him. this is joe miller. now, back to the ballot. you see his name. now look at her. back to the ballot. sadly, she is not on the ballot. why? because she lost. she lost to joe miller. look up. it is joe miller. vote for joe miller for united states senate. [ whistling ] >> well, it is a parody of the old spice ad. >> yes, the rhythm of the voice was viral, and people caught on it to, and in many ways joe miller has that sort of alaska plaid shirt-wearing and loves the outdoors sort of old spice kind of guy, so in a way it reinforces his image as well. >> but at the same time, it is a very hard race to poll, because
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you don't know how many people are going to try to write-in. it has not happened since strom thurmond in 1954. >> yes. >> and again, her name is hard to spell and people have to spell it correctly. >> they have to circle an oval on the ballot and write out her name and you as a candidate are not permitted to give people a cheat sheet to go in with and it is a big hurdle and she is picking up endorsements and the lead by miller is cut into by the write-in campaign, and you know, the democrats got mcadams in the race. >> could she sneak. >> in? >> well, he is the mayor of it is ka, and he is arguing strongly that there needs to be a different kind of candidate and not the republican or the tea partier or someone who is the daughter of kind of the royal ti of alaska with the murkowski political name. >> well, joe mentioned according to one poll has pulled up ten points, and this is the first clear lead we have had in some
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time, and a big move that the polling took place after the hickey, casting-call controversy, and after this ad, the rifle ad, let's call it. >> they call it dead aim. >> i'll take on washington and this administration to get the federal government off of our bax and out of the pockets. i sued epa and i will take dead aim at the cap and trade bill. >> now, there is -- you can't get much more separation from your president in the white house than that. >> well, if you were running a focus group and played that ad and no one knew who the candidate was, nobody would believe that is a democrat. he is popular democrat as governor and republicans are saying we need him as governor and don't send him to washington and don't let him be a rubber stamp as they like to say of the obama administration, so joe manchin is trying to be separate and talking about specific things, and he used the phrase obama care and that is a word of the tea party and democrats
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never call it that, they call it health care reform. >> kelly o'donnell, change yur suitcase and get back on the road. it is great to see you. >> thank you very much. and the president trying to recapture the magic of 2008 with young people at a town hall yesterday staged by mtv, and cmt, and bet, and it is one of the days where the questions were a lot better than the answers. >> i wanted to know where you stood on "don't ask, don't tell" and you have said that you want the senate to repeal it before you do it yourself? >> first of all, i have not mentioned that i am against don't ask don't tell, and i have said clearly and including in a state of the union address that i am against "don't ask, don't tell" and we will end this policy. congress explicitly passed a law that took away the power eof the executive branch to end this policy unilaterally. so, this is not a situation in which with a stroke of a pen, i can simply end the policy. we have, i believe, enough votes
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in the senate to go ahead and remove this constraint on me as the house has already done, so that i can go ahead and end it. >> so, let's bring in jonathan capeha capehart, washington post editorial writer. is this their effort to put the president on the stage and appeal to the young voters as he has on the appearances in the college campuses, and how did it work? >> look, the president has no choice but to go to those very people who turned out in record numbers as opposed to previous times who came out in record numbers and put him in office. young people, and first-time voters and also people of color who probably came out to vote for the first time. you know, those young people, they put him over the top, and whether the questions were tough and the answers were, weren't to their liking, he has to get them energized. if i were the white house, i would be encouraged that these young people are still engaged, still energized and are a little
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impatient. it means they are paying attention to what he said he was going to do in the campaign and doing as president. >> here is one of the questions that came in by twitter to this panel, the town hall meeting yesterday, and this was on the whole subject of homosexuality, gay rights. >> this audience just didn't exist 20 years ago. >> dear, president obama, do you think that being gay or trans is a choice? >> you know, i am not obviously -- i don't profess to be an expert. this is a layperson's opinion, but i don't think it is a choice. i think that people are born with, you know, a certain makeup, and that we are all children of god. we don't make determinations about who we love. >> and we should note that he did mention the tragedy of the
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rutger's student tyler clementi saying it breaks our hearts when he was asked a question about bullying. so the young people were asking great questions. >> yeah. >> i frankly, thought that if i were looking at it just in terms of the politics, the answers were a little bit long-winded and a little too prof sor yal. >> yes, but at least the president is consistent, and he is too professorial whether it is mtv or bet or ccmt, and he answered the question, that he said that homosexuality is not a choice. first time he said it as definitively as that. and given the controversy over an interview i did with valerie jarrett who has apologized for using an unfortunate phrase it makes it crystal clear to folks who might doubt the president's
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and the administration's commitment to gay rights and equal rights that they are full square behind achieving equality for the gay community. >> well, jarrett, just to clarify from your column had referred to one of the victims of bullying as a lifestyle choice, and then clarified it and said that she meant no offense in an e-mail to you, is that correct? >> right, right. and her and justin arghburg's mother came to her defense as did judy sheppard, the mother of matthew shepherd who was murdered in wyoming came to valerie jarrett's defense saying that, look, the administration is doing everything they can, and everything it can to, you know, push forward, you know, more equality in this country, and that, you know, we all just to have be patient in terms of language. >> and, understandably, misspeaking is not the kind of offense. the policy is what is at issue,
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and the policy on "don't ask, don't tell" is what is still controversial. thank you, jonathan. good to see you. >> you, too. >> and coming up, sarah palin's swipe at michelle obama on the campaign trail. ouch. and next her majesty, queen of sweden right here discussing teen drug abuse. this is andrea mitchell reports only only msnbc. she felt lost...
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education nation here at msnbc, and we have been spotlighting the crisis in our schools, continue to do so and thursday, d.c. inner city school had a royal visitor, her majesty queen silvia of sweden visited the so see czar chavez school t highlight her fight against childhood drug abuse.
1:16 pm
she men tord a program to combat drug abuse worldwide. thank you for coming. it is an important initiative and it is so unusual to have a royal visitor here on the set to talk about what you are doing in a global social problem. you started this 15 years ago and you have been a committed hand's on advocate. what can be done to prevent childhood and adolescent drug abuse? >> this is a huge problem. and a huge question, of course. it was in the beginning of the '90s when i realized the danger in developing the development of the drug abuse, and so i had a contact with the w.h.o. in ja knee evashgs a -- geneva, and we are a
1:17 pm
nongovernmental organization, and we work with best practices, and i feel it is very important to help the young kids not to take drugs, because the issue is, of course, huge, and it is not only the drug, the danger eof drug, but also the mentality has changed. you know, when you ask a kid today, if you see somebody taking a drug, what do you do? and they said, well, it is their own choice. and i said, but if it is your best friend, don't you say anything? don't you do anything? and they told me, no. it is his choice. and i think that this is a change in the mentality. so i asked him, and when are you going to save your friend? when it is too late? and this is something which i think is very important to work with prevention. >> you make it a matter of personal responsibility, and i know that your organization was awarding prizes last night for real prevention and protection of children to an organization to one in massachusetts, one in
1:18 pm
south africa, and so there is a global focus, and now you have offices here in washington, and so a big focus also on the united states. the challenge for also going up against efforts toward legalization, and the white house drug czar was there also last night talking about opposing some libertarian impulses toward legalization of marijuana. >> this is a big issue, and i am happy to hear him, because he made a clear and strong statement, and being the drug czar from the white house, that was very, very important. and i think to legalize drugs is really just to give up, and i think that one should do everything to save the kids. prevention is of course the essential tools to do that.
1:19 pm
and of course to treatment and to take care of the young people is very, very important, but prevention, and i mean, before they get to it, you have to -- >> that's the key? >> yes. i was very hatch pi to hear him yesterday. >> thank you so very much. we will continue to follow the progress of mentor international and all of theed a vanlss of prevention of childhood and adolescent drug abuse. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. and coming up next, the sist sisterhood and you won't find it between sarah palin and michelle obama, and then we will bring you a true story of sisterly love and the global effects of fighting breast cancer. you will find it only on "andrea mitchell reports."
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safely connecting you in ways you never thought possible. onstar. live on. you know, when i hear people say or had said in the campaign that they had never been proud of america until that time, i think, haven't they met anybody in uniform yet? >> sarah palin on the trail in
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san jose, california, last night with a direct shot at first lady michelle obama, but certainly taking michelle obama's remarks from 2008 completely out of context. it is smart in any case to take on the popular first lady? we are joined by politico's reporter glenn white. and this is not maybe where she wants to be? >> michelle or sarah? >> sarah. >> well, in is taking it pretty far out of context and she was not talking about the military or service members, but she was sort of talking about the country being infused with a new sense of hope once she made that speech in february of 2008 in milwaukee. you know, but sarah palin has been talking about death panels, too, and people are criticizing her about that, and she does not seem to stop. >> well, the first lady has been
1:24 pm
making military families one of the signature issues, so it seems like bringing that up at this stage -- in any case, let's talk about palin's impact, and the whole palin factor with her picks. how is she doing so far? she seems to be effective with the people she has highlighted? >> yeah, i mean, look, she is clearly sort of identified folks out there, rand paul, being one of them and palin has bucked the republican establishment, and mitch connell in kentucky and on again and off again thing with christine o'donnell in delaware and i thought it was extraordinarily important moment when christine o'donnell distanced herself from palin and what is interesting about the dynamic between palin and michelle obama is that palin's constituency in the republican party are men, and michelle obama, the reason she is out on the road is because her core
1:25 pm
constituency, and the people that the white house is hoping she motivates are women. so it is two different audiences. >> and speaking of two women running for the top offices in california, and both declined to show up for the appearance for palin, and meanwhile, palin has put out the trailer, the tlc trailer for her new alaska series on television. let me play a little bit of that. >> sarah, you ready? >> oh, gosh! we are somewhere that people dream about. family comes first. it has just got to be that way. no, boys. go upstairs. this was flipping fun. why can't we ever just be satisfied with tranquility? i would rather be doing this than in some stuffy political office. i'd rather be out here being free. >> a new eight-week television event, "sarah palin's alaska. ". >> well, there is a synergy
1:26 pm
there between that and the expensive shot alaska travel guide, if you will, and the politics of what she might want to do in the future. >> look, she has been going around the country and the stuffy political office she is referring to is the governorship of alaska which she gave up to barnstorm for other things and do this program, but she is enormously polarizing and appealing figure for the base, and this kind of thing is not going to exactly lower her profile. >> not exactly. a new book coming out which has mom and apple pie in it, and who knows what lies in the future. some people think that the oval office is not that stuffy. anyway, glenn thrush, thanks for being with us. >> take care. >> and still ahead, senate majority leader tom daschle joining us on midterm madness and his book "get it done." and also comedy central's stephen colbert, and jon stewart
1:27 pm
are going to join their forces to restore sanity and or fear and that is not the only surprise from last night's show. >> stevphen? hi, stephen? >> yes! >> this it is, "daily show" audience, look under your seats! >> look under your seats. >> what is under there? >> you are going to the rally. you are going to the rally. you are going to the rally! you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings.
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topping the headlines on "andrea mitchell reports," stocks moving up slightly today after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said that the central bank is doing more to fire up the economy by increasing the purchase of treasury bonds. in the speech, bernanke indicated that the fed needs to lift inflation from the low levels.
1:31 pm
the 33 chilean miners who spent more than two months trapped underground are adjusting to celebrity status. as you see here, that includes having the pictures taken with the chilean president. the first three men left the hospital last night and greeted by a mob of photographers. the miners have said they will not do any interviews, unless it is as a group and for a minimum fee eof $20 million. so they are adjusting to celebrity status quickly. president obama is meeting today with former secretary of state condoleezza rice. the white house says they are going to be discussing a range of foreign policies, and including how to ratify a arms control treaty with russia. and this is the first meeting of condoleezza rice with president obama, as part of the book tour. as breast cancer awareness month, these days pink ribbons are everywhere from the lapels to the yogurt labels to the nfl. the white house turned pink last
1:32 pm
night. and a few decades ago breast cancer was stigmatized and a woman's disease that was rarely talked about in public and that changed after ambassador nancy brinker founded susan g. komen for the cure. she talks about it in the new memoir, promise me how a sister's love launched a global movement to end breast cancer. it is great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> we have watched it over the years and so many turning points. for me, it was early on with betty ford acknowledging with former president ford then in office going to her hospital room in bethesda and appearing with her, as she was in a bathrobe after her surgery. nobody talked about it back then. and then nancy reagan and first ladies have had an important role, but you and what you have done and tell me about the pledge and your sister? >> well, suzie was diagnosed in 1978, and as she went through a painful journey and she was a young woman, 33 years old. in the end, she asked me to help
1:33 pm
her in breast cancer, and i said i would promise her forever and that is the promise and we are celebrating 30 years of the promise this year, and my book is named "promise me. " ". >> and people are sga thering here in washington and this is a big weekend for the susan g. komen foundation, and laura bush will be honored at the kennedy center and it is bipartisan or non-partisan whatever you want to call it, and i have seen vice presidents and democrat and republican running in the race, and the most memorable thing when you run in your race, seeing the children, the survivors dressed in pink, the moms, the dads, but the kids. that's really smshgs ti-- somet have trouble finishing that race, because you are crying as you go through that race. >> well, andrea, breast cancer is the leading killer of women in their middle age, and early middle age, 40 to 60, and
1:34 pm
frankly, it affects the whole family, very, very much. you know, as long as someone is dying, a woman, or a man, and mostly women, somewhere in the world every 69 seconds, we as susan g. komen have to provide the leadership globally to get the job done. i am so proud of what has happened in the last generation. >> when you see the thousands and thousands of people who turn out for the races and for the first time you have a race in israel with palestinians, arab israelis, and others all around, i think around the western wall in the old city of jerusalem? >> yes, and the wall will be lit pink. the major said he will light the walls of the old city pink, and then of course, last year, we raised around the gaza pyramids which were also lit pink, and we take on challenging issues and go to challenging parts of the world and parts of the world that interest us for spreading the word about awareness and being able to basically cure
1:35 pm
very early breast cancer and we are trying to do it around the world. we have already helped to do that in the united states, you know, when we started this, the survival rate for very early breast cancer was at 74%, and now it is almost at 98% in america, and we work hard everyday to make sure we keep it that way. >> and one of the big things that -- big awarenesses is tonya snyder and others in the nfl have made ate real pledit a rea when we see the football players with the pink foot gear and all of the rest, it has been a big promotion to make it more of a national awareness, men, women and children. >> it is. we were with the dallas cowboys last sunday, and it was an al maizing day, the way they did it and the team was amazing all behind it, and fabulous and many of the other nfl teams do cooperative projects with us, and it has worked really well, because atz you ss you say, it largely women's disease, but it
1:36 pm
is important for the men to support it, and awareness level is there because so many women suffer from it. >> thank you, nancy. >> and getting it done with former majority leader tom daschle. and what is at stake for the women in the midterm races. check out my blog post on the this is andrea mitchell only on msnbc. ring ring. progresso.
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just 18 days until the midterms and republicans in key battleground states are running on repealing health care.
1:40 pm
most democrats who supported the bill are intentionally leaving that topic out of their campaign ads, including senate majority leader harry reid, who is one of the most endangered democrats this year. joining us is former majority leader tom daschle who is author of the book "getting it done" and how obama and congress finally broke the stalemate for getting health care done. >> why is health care so unpopular, and you have 20 states trying to repeal it, and democrats running away, and why has a good thing become an albatross around the white house this year? >> well, in large part, there is so much misinformation and people don't fully appreciate the magnitude of the opportunity that it presents to us. but it is no different than the social security, and the republicans campaigned to repeal social security the first election after it was passed, and a lot of people who said it about civil rights and medicare,
1:41 pm
so this is really a common phenomenon, and we are seeing it again. it won't be repealed. we will see some real progress over the course of the next year with regard to implementation, and the american people are going to change their minds. >> one of the things that you write in the book is that by constantly suggesting to the public that the law is i illegitimate they could cause millions of americans to fight it or grif up on it before it has a chance to prove itself and now you are afraid that the critics will kill it before it has a chance to take hold. i know you believe passionately in the reform, but has it taken place, and damaged goods and political liability? >> i don't think so. while that is a danger, i wouldn't say it is a probability at this point. i really believe that the implementation for the first six months, andrea, has gone extremely well. we give them high marks for meeting the deadlines and doing the work necessary. 48 states today are cooperating fully, and only two are not. in spite of all of the rhetoric
1:42 pm
and in spite of all of the negative comment from the far right, the fact is that the adjustments are going through, and we are working, and getting the kindings of things that we wanted to get done, done. that is what is important. prove that it can work one month after a time. >> one of the other things that we are seeing now is that democrats are really being outspent by these independent groups on the republican side, and not so much the foreign money, because that may be a little bit of a campaign appeal, but according to the reporting by the washington post and others, it is not the foreign money, but the undisclosed money that is at issue here. and the undisclosed money partly as a result of the supreme court law and the tax law, and how can the democrats compete in the closing days? >> well, we will compete in large measure, because it is not just money that dictates results. obviously, we will be outspent in some cases ten-to-one, but the bottom line is that money is not the only factor as you look at candidates. i think that in many cases, we have such superior candidates
1:43 pm
that the circumstances are beginning to turn, and we are seeing it in poll after poll, so we are feeling more encouraged in spite of being outspent sometimes ten-to-one. >> what is your level of optimism as a democrat that the house can be held? there seems to be a little bit more comfort level that some of the senate seats could be held, but what about the house? i don't know of any serious analyst who believes that the house is not going to go republican? >> well, we are in the most volatile times, and you have been an observer of american politics for a while and you know how uncertain the last few weeks can be. a few people who are down by a couple of points could still win the race, so it is too early to predict anyone as the majority in the next cycle. my guess is that it is tight regardless of whether it is republican or democrat, and you will have much closer margins to work with not only in the congress, but the senate, too.
1:44 pm
>> and the president is going to be campaigning for harry reid next week, and you have been in his shoes, majority leader, and he has had to make tough decisions and he is in for the fight of his life. >> you talk about the amount of money spent, and $14 million just in the last period alone for his opponent, but fortunately the people of nevada fully appreciate what harry reid can do for the state not only now, but in the future, and at tend of -- the end of the day, they will support the majority leader. it is a tough race. he went through the debate last night, and did very well, but the next two weeks are pivotal. >> this is released by senator schumer e, and senator shum ser one of the people who might be considered that harry reid loses and schumer might be in that sweepstakes to become the leader of the democrats, and he is taking a real shot at the white house right now on the policy toward china. this is something he has been
1:45 pm
pursuing. the white house issued a statement and we are sort of slow walking the currency, the release of the currency review of china, and what schumer just released is that the obama administration is treating the symptom and not disease and investigation into china's illegal subsidies of the clean energy is long overdue which the white house is doing, but no substitute for dealing with the currency manipulation. democrats and republicans are prepared to move legislation confronting china's currency manipulation this year. a real divide with the administration, and this is an issue that, let me suggest, that plague politics with the question of china, might be very dangerous economically, you know, you know better than a lot of people, and since you have been involved for so long in politics and government and business that china is now calling the shots. they are our banker, and we don't have the leverage to go up against china and threaten this.
1:46 pm
china can retaliate. >> well, we have to be prudent with china and even if we fix the currency issue, there are a lot of other things, too, so nobody should look at currency here as the panacea and that is right, the more we publicly beat up on china, the more recalcitrant and intransigent they are going to be. there are ways to take on china, but taking them on in a full fistfight in this manner is one to be careful about. there are other countries with currency issues and not just china, so we have a lot of work to do with remaining competitive in the international realm, and i am hopeful that we can do it intelligently and as you say de-politicize this effort before it gets out of hand. >> and we are going to be going to delaware very briefly, both joe biden and the president are out there campaigning chris koons who is double-digit leading o'donnell, so why are
1:47 pm
they showing up? to take credit for an easy victory against a tea party-supported candidate practically in their backyard? >> well, chris koons is a great candidate, and obviously, we want to point to those people around the country that really deserve re-election regardless of what the polls say. as i sid a moment ago, anything can happen, and you can't take anything for granted. so, for joe biden, it is coming home, and i think that for the administration, it is recognizing bright new democratic stars they want to develop a relationship with, and they are doing that today. >> well, tom daschle, always great to see you and good luck with the book "getting it done." >> thank you. >> and what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? that is next right here. and follow the show on ♪
1:48 pm
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what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? jonathan capehart is joining us again. what are you looking as you look ahead to the campaigning over the weekend? >> well, that's it. that's what we're going to be talking about over the next 24 hours, the next 48 hours. the president and the first lady will be hitting the campaign trail. they're in delaware right now. tomorrow they're going to boston. the president's going to boston to campaign for governor patrick, a democrat there seeking re-election. sunday you have the double header. president obama and first lady obama in ohio campaigning for governor strickland and doing a fund-raiser for the dnc. then next week will be a full
1:52 pm
week of campaigning. they're going to washington state. they're going to nevada to campaign for senator harry reid. the president is going to california to campaign for senator boxer. so the president is putting, you know, his full effort in trying to help democrats and the democrats who use his help and want his help, help them get re-election. >> of course, duvall patrick is up in a three-way race. talking to democrats in massachusetts, normally it's a democratic state. after what happened with scott brown, everybody is nervous in massachusetts as well. >> right. i think the lesson that they learned in that special election is you can't take anything for granted. just because it's a blue state. just because that senate seat went to senator kennedy for more than three decades, as they learned by scott brown's election, nothing is guaranteed.
1:53 pm
so don't take anything for granted. that's why you're seeing the president and the vice president campaigning for chris coonce today. that's why you see him going out there and trying to help incumbent democrats in particular who may seem a little shaky. who with his presence there could gin up the base enough to get them to come out in two weeks and help put them over the top. >> let's talk about ohio for a second. that's a stop over the weekend. the president won ohio, a key battleground state by five points last time around. now governor ted strickland is behind. >> he's behind, but remember -- well, he's behind because, you know, ohio unfortunately has been when it comes to the sick economy and everything that's happened. it's just been hammered. they're trying to help him get
1:54 pm
reelected. it also has the benefit of accruing to the president when it's his turn two years down the line. >> he's running against john kasich. that's a tight race in ohio. the commercial where they hired the actor play the unemployed steel worker. >> yeah, why hire an actor when you can -- there are plenty of real people out there with real stories to tell, real stories of anguish. they're all over the country. not just ohio, as we well know. >> as the president campaigns, again, you're pointing to delaware.
1:55 pm
the president was about to speak on behalf of chris coonce. again, delaware is not even close. this is not a place where they need the president and the vice president. so is this an insurance policy, or just trying to notch one for the white house? here he is himself. i'm going to drop both of us. that does it for us. here is the president being called to the podium. that does it for us this week. the president and the vice president in a rare joint appearance. now here's the president at this campaign appearance. let's watch.
1:56 pm
>> thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you so much. thank you. everybody please have a seat. it is good to be back in wilmington. last day i was here it was a day just like today. spectacular day. we were outside. some of you were there. it was just beautiful. it is great to be back here in delaware. it's an extraordinary honor be here to campaign for the next great senator from the state of delaware, chris coons. i want to just acknowledge some extraordinary public servants
1:57 pm
here. you already heard from or about them. all these folks have been such great friends of mine and such terrific workers on behalf of delaware. i want to make mention of them. governor jack marquell is here. he's doing a great job. lieutenant governor mark dan is here. along with zachary. senator ted kaufman. done extraordinary work over the last two years. thank you, ted. and my great friend ted, senior center in delaware. delaware attorney general bo biden. we are so thrilled with the work that he's done. but also his extraordinary service to our country. we are proud of him. and grateful for him.
1:58 pm
and former lieutenant governor and soon to be -- >> this is tamron hall with news nation. we are listening to president obama. he's in delaware with a rare joint appearance by the president and vice president. they are campaigning on maf of chris coons. we'll take a quick break. you don't need a rematch, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba receptors associated with sleep. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. lunesta has some risk of dependency. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness.
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